Our Story

Argan Beauty is a modern apothecary range of natural products for the skin and hair which fuses ancient Moroccan traditions with modern innovation.

Our story began in 2012 when our founders were travelling in the Atlas Mountains and came across a small fair trade Organic Oil producer. Having read about its healing and cosmetic properties they brought back the oil as gifts for friends and family. Word began to spread and it wasn’t long before they were inundated with requests. Entrepreneurial by nature they began to import the oil directly from the fair-trade women’s cooperative and the shape and scope of our business evolved.

Ever since, we’ve been using, building and collaborating closely with specialist organic and natural cosmetic formulators to create a tight portfolio of cosmetic products by harnessing our hero ingredient Argan Oil. The products are blended with natural ingredients that enhance rather than stifle and can be used for the skin and hair.

There are powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and active ingredients and blended oils that are beautiful to use and deliver visible results.

Our products are continually expanding and whilst their formulations vary some things remain constant. Like the quality of our Argan Oil, which is unrivalled. And our curiosity, passion, strive for excellence and the feeling we get from creating something simplistic yet exquisite.

Our Argan kernels are traditionally and ethically sourced and we continue to be inspired by Morocco. The scents, colours, ingredients and remedies remain the basis for our range of honest and natural products, made in England with modern scientific research and techniques.

Discover our oil, discover our products.

Oliver Felstead – Founder



We respect and revere that pure Argan oil is a beauty tradition used for centuries by the Berber tribe of Morocco for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Quality is the uncompromising standard for our actions. The quality of our oil is of the highest grade.


We have strong social responsibility values and believe in putting back into the local community.

We donate a percentage of our profits to: “Dar Sihmad’’ a local non-profit organisations in the ‘Sid Ifni’ region where our oil originates, this extraordinary charity works within the local communities in one of the poorest regions in Morocco.


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